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06 December 2012 @ 06:29 pm
I haven't used this thing since April and I'm only doing so now to post about cards what am I even doing lmao. ANYWAYS. Holiday cards. Christmas cards. Whatever you wanna call em. I like "winter greeting" myself. Opening this up for both people on friends list (who even checks LJ these days HA HA HA) and people on tlist so comment away if you'd like a card. Also let me know what you'd like me to draw in said card, because I like to at least personalize the generic cards I buy in boxes of twenty from Hallmark.

Also also! If you'd like to send me a card just let me know and I'll give you my address. :) I don't expect it though so don't feel obliged just because you asked for a card from me.

Anyways...back I go to abandoning this thing for another eight months. I should really fix that. :|

On another note, holy fuck it's been so long since I've used LJ that everything is completely different?! I mean in terms of posting new entries. This is weird.

OH YEAH comments are screened so post away. (Thanks Nuri for pointing that out l o l.)
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26 April 2012 @ 06:48 pm
I haven't posted anything since January... whoops. Oh well. It's only the entire semester you all missed. Which, truth be told, was kind of boring and had not a lot worth mentioning. Other than my Vegas reading break trip and Sakura-Con which... well, Vegas is Vegas (lots of drinking and shows and eating really fancy good oh my!) and Sakura-Con I'll talk about when I get around to doing my con report. Whiiiich should be soon. Maybe.

I'm leaving Vancouver for the summer tomorrow, actually. Back to the frigid north I go. I've got a different job this year which should be interesting-- I'm the aviation operations radio technician for the forest management department, which means I'm in charge of dispatching the planes during forest fires. Kind of neat, probably slightly stressful, means a shit ton of over time heuheu. I have to fill out the paperwork and return it before I'm ~*~officially~*~ hired but yeah. Should be interesting.

Anyways, I'm just taking a break while I finish cleaning... I haven't started packing yet buuut that shouldn't take too long and my flight isn't until 1PM tomorrow so I actually have a ton of time. Hence why I am on LJ and am actually updating it. Or something. I don't know. I might do up my con report while I kill time in Edmonton tomorrow seeing as I've got about 4 hours where I'm sitting around doing nothing... hooray. :|;;
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17 January 2012 @ 02:21 pm
I have come to the conclusion that I own way too much fabric. Apparently five years of hoarding it causes a pretty good pile to build up. Sob.

Sharing this because it is a qt MV and there are lesbians in my kpop which I am more than pleased about heuheuheu. Oh and the song is pretty good too. Woollim you are good job (as per usual).

Changed my layout too because I got bored with the old one. o/ It's nothing fancy lol.
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12 January 2012 @ 01:13 pm
Las Vegas trip for reading break is done and booked. Gonna be there for four days, these are all the shows we're seeing:

Elton John
La Rêve
Penn and Teller

I am excite.
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Since I'm sitting here in the Edmonton airport doing nothing because I'm on hour three of a five and a half hour layover (omg I'm dumb why did I decide to leave so early) I figured I might as well make a journal entry updating you all on my life. You know, the all of like... five of you that still read LJ these days. But I digress.

I had an okay semester. Other than a some small existential crises I had mid-way where I questioned what I was even doing in school, it went, for the most part, rather well. I'm still terrible at any classes that require some semblance of memorization, other than languages, as my geography mark after my final was a C-; not as well as I would have liked to have done. On the flip side though I got Bs in both my writing and art history classes, which is nice. Next semester I'm taking nothing but English lit and writing classes so in theory it should be a rather smooth ride.

I spent the past two weeks not doing a whole lot, since I had just the one exam on Tuesday. Most of my time was occupied with sleeping, with the occasional venture into the outside world to acquire food and do my Christmas shopping (which still isn't done aiieee). In retrospect I could have done a lot more productive things... like starting my Sakura-Con costumes, or art, but what's done is done I suppose. Or rather in this case, not done lol.

I did manage some socializing though! Last Sunday hakukumo came over and we watched Dream High all day. It's... interesting? We got through five episodes and I can definitely say that Suzy's character is possibly the least likeable female protagonist I have encountered in a show ever. I definitely prefer Eunjung's character, though I hate how the plot is forcing her into this "bitch" role for the sole purpose of creating a rival, even though it goes against her personality. :| Anyways, I still have another... 11? (oh god) episodes left to get through and I brought them with me to watch over the break so uh... yeah. We'll see how this goes.

Last Saturday I went over to Jessie's apartment to play Dance Central, which I've decided is really fun and I would love to own it if not for the fact my place has zero room to accommodate it. Also it turns out I'm not as terrible at it as I originally thought, though my only prior experience playing was at PAX this year and that went... interestingly... (I did it for the free scarf that's all sob)

Friday night I went out with Emerald and her Korean friends (I have to wonder just how many she has, I don't think I've hung out with the same group of people more than once) to one of the places downtown to drink and eat all the food. We drank a surprising amount? Two bottles of soju split between three of us (the other two stuck to beer) but I went home later that night not feeling very drunk at all. Uh. The next morning was a different story though. Whoops.

I... think that's all there's really to talk about? Yeah. Not looking forward to the -30C I'm about to be subject to in about... five hours, but it'll be nice to be home for a bit I think. I don't mind it so much over winter break since I'm only there for a few weeks as opposed to four months. Besides, my mom said she's going to make me steak tonight for dinner. *A* I'm excited, I haven't had steak in months sob.
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Alright so the past two months have been rather hectic for me, travel-wise. Back in October I went to Yaoi-Con in San Francisco (okay well technically it was in Burlingame but details, details), and then the day after I returned I drove down to Seattle with tseuq to see Miyavi at the Showbox. And then last week I flew out to Lethbridge to visit my fiancé for a few days, and just this weekend I went down to Las Vegas for the Billboard Korea KPOP Masters at MGM. Whew.

It's a good thing my class schedule is the way it is, or else I would have missed quite a bit of school.

So KPOP Masters. I actually heard about this back in September, near the end of the month, through Twitter of all things-- some random person @-ed me asking to "like" their entry in a contest to win VIP tickets to this concert happening at the end of November. Before this happened I had no idea this was even going on. No major website had advertised it, other than Soompi (which I don't follow) and the fact that there was apparently going to be this huge K-Pop concert in Las Vegas that slipped underneath everyone's radar was quite boggling. In any case, I decided then that wanted to go, and that I would buy tickets when they went on sale and worry about travel later. After all, I could always sell them if I wasn't able to make it.

Well, let's just say that I am incredibly glad that I was able to go because holy shit that was quite possibly the best concert I have ever been to in my entire life.

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Seeing Batoost at the airport!Collapse )

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27 November 2011 @ 04:07 pm
I am going to be completely honest here, the only reason I'm getting around to doing this now is because I told myself I wouldn't post about KPOPMASTERS until I did my YCon report, and goddamn I want to talk about KPop okay. ;___;

I think I have all but given up on ever doing PAX reports to be honest. Oh well.

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25 November 2011 @ 01:26 am
In less than 24 hours I'm going to be in Las Vegas watching this happen live. Oh and some of this too. And maybe this and this as well.

I am so excited you do not even know.
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02 November 2011 @ 12:50 pm
Sometimes I wonder why I'm even bothering with school. :| On the plus side, I passed my geography midterm. On the not so plus side, it was barely with a 50. :| On the side that has somewhat of a silver lining, the class average was only 56 and so our prof is willing to change the weight of our final exam marks if we do better on them.

I'm just... not pleased, considering I'm on academic probation and I need to be improving my GPA, not the other way around. I feel like I can partially chalk up my poor showing on the fact I pulled an all-nighter right beforehand finishing my term project, which was entirely bad on my part. Although to be fair, when I picked the due date for the project, it wasn't the same day as the midterm originally -- the exam was supposed to be on the Monday instead.

I suppose I can be thankful that I'm doing decently in my other classes at least. :| Idk, I'm just feeling really apathetic about everything in general right now. Chalk it up to mid-semester slump. I'm sure I'll get over it by next week.

ETA: OH on a related note, can I point out how stupid it is that my final exam date for geography is December 13th? It's my only final, which is awesome, but that leaves me with almost two weeks of sitting around until I can even fly back home for Christmas. I was hoping it'd at least be in the first week of exams so that I could get it over with? This is just annoying. Yeah, plenty of time for studying (and lord knows I'll probably need it) but... for two weeks? Jesus.
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23 October 2011 @ 11:35 pm
Oh right Yaoi-Con. Was a thing. That I went to this weekend.

It was good times. I'll do up my usual report-type thingy once I get pictures back. I almost didn't make it back to Vancouver tonight though? My flight out of San Francisco was delayed almost an hour so we ended up landing in Seattle less than a half hour before my next flight left. 8| Thankfully the gate I needed to get to was in the same terminal and was less than fifty feet away lol.

Tomorrow I have class, and then Heather is coming over to the mainland and we're driving down to Seattle in the afternoon to go to the Miyavi concert there. Gonna drive back right after it's over so I can potentially make it to my morning class on Tuesday. If it's more of the same that it was last week though, I won't be too upset about missing it (plus our prof is pretty much following the textbook exactly so nbd really). >__>; Regardless, I'm handing in my paper for that class tomorrow so I don't have to worry about anything. |D

And then I have a midterm on Wednesday, plus my final project for that class is due as well. I'll be missing some info for it since I was a dumbass and completely forgot to do what I was supposed to on one day (we were supposed to keep a journal recording the weather for a week and take pictures) buuuuuut I'll just be super detailed with the rest of it so hopefully it'll make up for it. Sob.

I should... probably finish said paper I was talking about. It's pretty much done, it just needs to be edited and I can probably stand to add in another 100 words or so to flesh it out. I just. HATE doing formal art analysis, especially when there's no available research for the painting I'm doing? Ugh.
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